30 June 2021 –message from Solihull’s Director of Public Health, Ruth Tennant


Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen COVID take on quite a different pattern. Our infection rates have climbed rapidly to 154 per 100k with 305 new cases. This is in stark contrast to the rate of 12 per 100,000 we experienced in mid-May. This rapid increase is caused by the Delta variant which is predominantly spreading amongst the younger people specifically in the 11-18 age group.

Hospital numbers, thankfully, have not increased at the same rate showing how good getting a vaccine is at protecting against severe reactions to the disease and hospitalisation. This is great news but we are still in a race to get all adults vaccinated to protect those who are vulnerable or have only had one dose of the vaccine. 

Our best defence against COVID is for everyone aged 18 and over to get two doses. So far over 15,487 of our 18-29 year olds in the borough have had their first dose. If you're in this age group please join them and the other 128,729 adults who’ve been vaccinated locally so far. You can also download a free NHS App which will give you a record of your vaccination which you can use as proof if you ever need this for travel or for any other reason.

Alongside the NHS and our local Birmingham and Solihull Clinical Commissioning Group we are doing all we can to accelerate the vaccination programme over the coming weeks. We have walk-in vaccine centres being set up across the region on a daily basis.

Our first one is at Chelmsley Wood Primary Care Centre, 16 Crabtree Drive, B375BU, on Friday 2 July from 9am until 5pm, where they will be offering the Pfizer vaccine which means anyone aged 18 or over can attend. 

You can also find other walk-in vaccination sites here

And even if you are vaccinated, please make getting a regular test part of your weekly routine.  We have testing centres in Chelmsley Wood and Solihull town centres, you can walk in and get tested or take away a test to do at home.

Don’t be the person to spread the Delta variant to your family and friends, a simple test will help you protect the ones you love and make your community safer.

If you do test positive and a PCR test confirms it, we can offer financial support when you self-isolate.  We have increased the threshold on the scheme so that you can access funds if you earn up to £26,000. We can also provide other help and support; you can find out more here.

Ruth Tennant

Director of Public Health

Below are useful links to find out where you can get a vaccine, how to book, and how to get a test.