Advanced fire safety works commence at Solihull’s high rises


Solihull Community Housing (SCH) have confirmed a £10m sprinkler investment programme to their high rise residential buildings.

The decision was taken with the support of Solihull Council and West Midlands Fire Service as part of their huge advancement to high rise fire safety.

This major investment complements the ongoing fire safety work already carried by SCH, who manage the housing stock on behalf of Solihull Council.  Inspections to communal areas, doors, windows, and systems are regularly undertaken to ensure the safety of residents.

Sprinkler installation work is predicted to take over two years with all 37 high rise buildings across the north of the borough set to receive the sprinkler improvement.

To highlight the important safety work carried out, SCH unveiled a banner outside of Kingsgate House in Chelmsley Wood where work is currently in progress.

SCH Chief Executive, Fiona Hughes, and Councillor Karen Grinsell, deputy leader of the Council and Lead Member for Partnerships and Wellbeing, went along to celebrate the progression that has been made.

Fiona Hughes said: “I am delighted to see how well work is advancing across our high rise buildings. We have received some tremendous feedback from our residents who have reported how smoothly the process has been and the reassurance it has provided to them about their safety.

“The major investment to install sprinklers into our high rises reflects our ongoing commitment to residents’ safety. Their wellbeing is an absolute priority for us, and the sprinkler installation will provide a significant extra layer of safety for them.”

Councillor Karen Grinsell commented: “The Council alongside Solihull Community Housing (SCH) is committed to safeguarding the many residents who live within our properties.

“The additional investment for sprinkler installation at all 37 high rise buildings within the borough demonstrates how this is being put into action.

“It’s also fantastic news that residents are happy with the progress being made so far and we hope our other SCH residents will feel the same, as we continue the steady roll out of these works.”