This Bonfire Night remember to show some consideration


With the cancellation of public displays due to Covid-19 – including Solihull Round Table’s annual event at Tudor Grange Park - there are concerns that more people could opt for fireworks in their back gardens. With this in mind, the council will be working with local retailers to endorse fireworks that aren’t so loud.  

Packaging for fireworks should identify how noisy the fireworks are, but the council’s ‘quieter fireworks’ stickers will make things easier for customers. Alongside the stickers, the council has also produced a downloadable form that people can use to notify their immediate neighbours if they’re planning on setting off fireworks from their garden.

Solihull Council’s Cabinet Member for Stronger and Safer Communities, Cllr Alison Rolf, said: “Bonfire Night can be a stressful time for many people and pets. With less people going out because of Covid-19, it’s more important than ever that we show our neighbours some consideration.

“Our posters and stickers are intended to get people to think about buying quieter fireworks and the forms will help people to give their neighbours some notice so that they can make any necessary preparations.

“Of course on top of this, residents will need to make sure that they follow all local and national Covid-19 guidance – so that means no more than six people in your garden if you are having a get together with more than one household. You should also make sure to follow the Firework Code. The code is available online and in the packaging containing the fireworks.”

Check list –

  • Buy quieter fireworks from legitimate, licensed sellers and only buy products that have the CE mark
  • Download the council’s form and give your neighbours advance warning
  • Ensure you follow local and national Covid-19 guidance
  • Follow the Firework Code
  • Never let children handle fireworks