Cabinet meeting on Net Zero Action Plan


Next week on 11 November the Cabinet will be looking at Solihull’s new Net Zero Action Plan (NZAP), a key part of the Council’s response to the Climate Emergency - where they will be asked to approve it and consider the next steps.

The aim of the NZAP is to support the Borough in its decarbonisation efforts and its goal to be net zero – adding no more carbon to the atmosphere than is removed - by 2041. It has also been developed to help maximise the benefits that come along with reducing CO2 emissions. These include better air quality, improved natural environment, more comfortable homes, cost savings, and new green jobs. 

The NZAP contains 203 proposed actions which support 54 goals which will help the borough achieve its net zero aim.

Councillor Andy Mackiewicz, Cabinet Member for Climate Change, Planning and Housing, said:

“It is a very fitting time to be gathering to discuss our Net Zero Action plan during COP26, when the rest of the world is also discussing plans to cut emissions.

“I’m really proud of the work that has gone into this important document and look forward to the opportunity to discuss it in depth at next week’s Cabinet meeting. I hope my colleagues approve the plan so that we can move swiftly forward with implementation and the delivery of our climate change ambitions.

“The Plan seeks to identify actions the Council can take to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, estimate carbon savings, costs or payback and co-benefits, and develop a method of prioritising the actions needed to enable the net zero transition.

“We recognise that this is just a starting point and there will be lots more to do. But I believe our NZAP sets out a clear direction of travel towards Solihull becoming a net zero Borough by 2041.

“This plan is an important part of the journey to net zero, but we will need everyone to work together to help us get there.”

Solihull’s NZAP went through 5 weeks of consultation in August and September where feedback, advice and guidance were received which helped shape the final Plan. It will be reviewed every 3 years or earlier depending on legislation and new technology, and there will be regular progress reports and updates.

The Cabinet papers are here.

You can read the full Net Zero Action Plan here