Charging ahead – Council expands EV fleet


In an effort to significantly reduce the Council’s own vehicle emissions, 14 new electric vehicles (EVs) are being delivered between now and summer 2023. Switching to EVs will play an important part in the Council’s operations becoming net zero by 2030.

The investment comes on the back of the Council recently updating its EV Strategy and approving an ambitious new EV Action Plan. The pictured vehicle, a Toyota Proace City Electric, will be used by the internal post team. Switching to an electric vehicle will eliminate approximately 160 miles worth per week of CO² emissions compared to their previous combustion engine vehicle.

The use of EVs across the Council fleet is becoming increasingly wide ranging, with electric vehicles now being used to maintain and repair rural footpaths, deliver public realm enhancements and provide essential mobility services with wheelchair accessibility.

The savings from switching to EVs are both environmental and financial. The 14 EVs currently being delivered will result in 38.25 tonnes of CO²e (equivalent) savings over a period of five years. With the price of petrol and diesel soaring this year, it’ll also cost the Council considerably less to charge the vehicles, despite rising energy costs.

Councillor Andy Mackiewicz, Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Climate Change, Planning & Housing, said:

“When it comes to replacing our vehicles as they come towards the end of their leases, environmental benefits and operational costs are guiding factors in our decisions. I’m delighted to see another batch of Council vehicles becoming electric. With the range of EVs increasing all the time it’s no surprise the vehicles we are procuring are perfectly suitable to carry out their intended tasks.

“We’re an ambitious council when it comes to zero emission transport and we intend to use our position as one of the largest employers in the borough to show that a rapid transition towards EVs is possible and can bring numerous benefits. Expect to see the ‘100% electric’ branding on the side of various Council EVs going forwards, helping to raise awareness of electric vehicles and tying the initiative into the Council’s wider climate change campaign, Your Future Solihull.”

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