Council approves more flood mitigation schemes


Councillor Ken Hawkins, Cabinet Member for Environment and Highways has now given the green light for two flood mitigation schemes which could help over 74 properties in the Shirley West and St Alphege wards. 

At a Cabinet Decision Session on 13 October, Councillor Hawkins approved the introduction of schemes to help residents in Colebrook Road and Nethercote Gardens (Shirley West Ward) and New Road and Park Avenue (St Alphege Ward). In each area, affected residents will be offered the opportunity to introduce Property Level Resilience and Resistance measures, essentially practical solutions to make their homes safer and more flood resistant.
The schemes are subject to final technical approval from the Environment Agency, those residents who are part of the scheme will be contacted and asked to complete an online questionnaire to understand their requirements and to arrange individual property surveys.

Flood risk specialists, appointed by the Council will be contacting these residents directly to undertake the surveys in accordance with Covid-19 guidelines.
The Council will continue to look at securing further funding so more schemes can be rolled out to other areas that are at risk of flooding.

For more information about the Flood Mitigation Schemes please contact the Council’s Drainage and Flood Risk Management Team,

Councillor Ken Hawkins, Cabinet Member for Environment & Highways, said:

“It’s great that we are in a position, subject to final technical approval, to help residents by offering them practical support to make their homes safer. 

“We will continue to submit funding bids to include other areas and to identify properties that could benefit from similar flood mitigation measures.”