Council to continue with majority of Covid-19 emergency travel restrictions


The temporary emergency travel restrictions implemented as part of Solihull Council’s Covid-19 recovery plans were recently reviewed at an Environment and Highways decision session held at the start of September. The decision was taken to keep the majority of measures in place to continue to support social distancing around Solihull and Shirley town centres.

The Council will be reviewing these measures fortnightly, and as Covid-19 infection rates across Solihull have increased and new local lockdown measures put in place, these highway restrictions will now continue for a further two weeks.

The evidence is that the vast majority of people are following the social distancing advice in these locations. It is important to continue with the restrictions to help support the borough at this critical time. When appropriate the measures will be scaled back, and a plan is in place once circumstances change.

The Council will respond to emerging issues at each fortnight’s review, and a further update on the remaining measures will then be taken to the Environment and Transport decision making session on 25 November.

Cllr Ken Hawkins, Cabinet Member for Environment and Highways said:

“These measures are helping people to use public spaces safely and will need to remain in place until the infection rate drops significantly.

“Council officers have met with ward members from Shirley and identified a range of measures that can be removed when the time is right. A similar plan has been developed for the Solihull Town Centre measures.

“In the meantime, we are asking people to continue to respect these spaces that have been created to keep people safe. It’s not just about creating more room people to walk or cycle, but also to provide space to enable queuing outside of shops and food outlets if necessary.

“Where possible, people should continue to shop locally, walk and cycle, and follow the social distancing and public health advice.

“Our recent status as an area of national intervention means that it’s essential that we do everything within our power to help slow the spread of Covid-19.”