CSW COVID Business Pledge – keeping staff & customers safe


The CSW COVID Business Pledge is being relaunched to help businesses and venues show both customers and staff that they will operate in a COVID-safe way despite legal COVID restrictions coming to an end, especially with Solihull’s infection rate hitting a pandemic high.

The Pledge is a visible commitment to remaining vigilant in response to COVID.  It is about doing the simple things that kept customers and staff safe.   It is about businesses continuing to take COVID seriously and putting in place precautions to carry on dealing with the virus as we move towards living with COVID in the coming months and years.

The Pledge is entirely voluntary.  By signing up to the Pledge, a business or venue is making a positive statement that they are making efforts to maintain the high standards of public and staff protection put in place during the COVID pandemic. The Pledge is about providing a welcoming, reassuring message to staff, customers and visitors to your premises.

The Pledge suggests businesses continue with the measures they have in place to reduce risk of transmission.  These include social distancing, hand sanitising, face coverings ventilation, encouraging regular testing and promoting vaccination for staff.

Councillor Ian Courts, Leader of Solihull Council said:

“The Business Pledge gives businesses a way of showing both customers and staff that they are continuing to take COVID seriously. 

“Now more than ever as our infection rates soar and the legal restrictions have come to an end, we need everyone to carry on doing the right things that have kept us safe over the past months. 

“To be clear about the seriousness of the current situation, Solihull’s Director of Public Health has written to businesses asking for their support to make every effort to stop COVID spreading. 

“However, if businesses put on unsafe events or fail to operate in a COVID-safe manner, the Director of Public Health has the legal powers to close them down, and they will have my full support to take action against any irresponsible businesses that threatens the health and wellbeing of Solihull residents.

“I shall continue to wear a mask when I’m in shops, on public transport or, say, with a large number of people indoors.  This is about ensuring I don’t unknowingly give COVID to someone else, it is about protecting the people we love and those around us, particularly the staff serving us.

“For office based businesses, hospitality and independent retailers, sticking to these simple measure will help reduce the risk of staff having to self-isolate and causing disruption to your business.”