Flooding – how you can be prepared


Residents who live in areas that are prone to flooding can now sign up for a new Solihull-based flood alert system. They can also download a series of informative leaflets to help understand the roles and responsibilities of different organisations and how to prepare for a flood and minimise damage.

Both the flood alert system and the leaflets have been developed using Council funding following the flooding that took place in June 2021. Prior to that, live watercourse cameras and level sensors were installed at key locations after the flooding in 2018. Together, the alert system, leaflets, cameras and sensors will all help to improve awareness and understanding of floods.

Cllr Ken Hawkins, Solihull Council’s Cabinet Member for Environment and Infrastructure, said: “In 2021 a severe storm caused flooding for hundreds of our residents and some people were even forced to evacuate their homes. Our staff were on hand to make sure people were safe and directed residents as best as possible.

“Since then, the team has secured over £1.6million in funding from the Environment Agency to protect the homes of all those affected through flood resilient doors and other features.

“Alongside these direct interventions, the team has also developed a flood alert system – which people can access via Twitter – and some informative leaflets which people can download from the Council’s website. Together, these will be of tremendous help to anyone living in flood prone areas of the borough.”

Members of the Dorridge District Residents Association (DDRA) have been keen to work collaboratively with the Council to develop resources for their members.

Chair of the DDRA, Jeanine Plain-Jones, explained: “We recognise that any area in the borough has the potential to suffer from surface water flooding. We have been working with staff in the Council’s Highway Infrastructure team for some time now to ensure that our residents can prepare for floods and take appropriate measures to protect their properties. We welcome the flood alert system and the new leaflets which will help to ensure that residents are fully informed about the different types of flooding and how best to prepare.”

The automated flooding alert system can be accessed via Twitter @SMBCfloodalert

The five flood leaflets are available to download from Solihull Council’s website and cover the following issues -