Full Closure Order granted on property in Chelmsley Wood


Solihull Council has been granted a full Closure Order for a flat in Chelmsley Wood following persistent nuisance and criminality in and around the property.

Police found two kilograms of Class A and a large quantity of Class B drugs at the home of Colette Morgan, aged 46, during their initial search of her Kelsull Croft flat.

A number of bladed and prohibited weapons were also found, including machetes and pepper spray, a stab vest and cash. In a subsequent search, a large amount of Class A and Class B were found, together with bladed weapons, including a machete and a pressing block. There is an ongoing Police investigation.

Solihull Council, in partnership with Solihull Community Housing (SCH), requested and was granted a Closure Order at Birmingham Magistrates Court.

The Closure Order prohibits all persons with the exception of those named on the order from remaining in, returning to or entering the premises for a period of three months.

Anyone that breaches the order commits an offence and can be arrested. They are then liable to imprisonment for a maximum of three months and be fined. This order allows Mandatory Possession which SCH intends to make an application for.

A spokesperson for SCH said: “Serious illegality of this kind will not be tolerated in any of our properties. We will always work with Council colleagues and the police to stop offences of this nature taking place.

“We want our law-abiding tenants to be able to live safely in the community without having to contend with behaviour such as this taking place in their area.”