Games Ambassadors are the smiling face of Solihull


19 specially selected Games Ambassadors have been giving their all to the role throughout the Queen’s Baton Relay and Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games as they ensure that everyone has the best experience possible on their visit to Solihull during this busy and exciting time.

As the public face of the Commonwealth Games in Solihull Town Centre, their role has been to help visitors, both local and from all over the world, find what they need and have a good time. On Tuesday 26 July, when the Queen’s Baton Relay visited the borough, 15 of the Games Ambassadors were positioned throughout the town centre to signpost members of the public, answer any questions, resolve any concerns and hand out as many flags as possible.

Once all they had dutifully done all of this, they had a well-earned reward in the form of relaxing and enjoying the Musical Extravaganza in Jubilee Gardens that brought the day to a close.

That day was their first public facing role, and since the games began they’ve been a recognisable fixture in Solihull, clad in the distinctive orange and grey outfits of the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games Collective.

Working between the two Festival Sites at Mell Square and Theatre Square, the Games Ambassadors have been helping to promote the games in any way they can. Whether by answering questions about what’s coming up on the big screens, encouraging people to take part in the many sporting activities that have been on offer (sometimes by having a go themselves!) or by advising people how to get between the many Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games venues.

They’ve also been acting as on the ground eyes and ears for the Council’s operations hub, ensuring everything is running smoothly and that any issues can be resolved quickly. Above all, they’ve been friendly, welcoming ambassadors not just for the Games but for Solihull itself, ensuring that everyone who visits is greeted with a smiling face.

Kevin, one of our Games Ambassadors said in Mell Square today “We’ve seen this site get busier and busier every day as word spreads and enthusiasm for the Commonwealth Games has taken hold across the region. Some people have come in specially, but many others have just been taking advantage of the chance to take a nice break from their shopping and enjoy the sport on the big screen.

“It’s a lovely atmosphere here and in Theatre Square where we’ve seen so many families come down with their kids to enjoy the beach. We’ve certainly been lucky with the weather. All of us who are doing this have got on so well and had such a good time, we’ve got a WhatsApp group where we share photos and videos of us all having a go at the activities. It’s been great fun and a great thing for Solihull”