National lockdown - update on funerals in Solihull


In response to the national lockdown and the increase in cases of Covid-19 in Solihull, Solihull Council is reducing the maximum number of mourners in its chapels to 20 from Monday 11 January.  This is in order to accommodate increased social distancing within the chapels. In addition, people will not be allowed to congregate outside and the external speakers will not be in use.

The number of mourners allowed at burials will remain at 30 but all mourners must observe social distancing. If there is a service in the chapel prior to the burial, 20 mourners will be allowed into the chapel service and a further ten will be allowed to join at the graveside.

While numbers of mourners allowed in its chapels is reduced, Solihull Council will again waive the cost for the live webcasting service so that mourners unable to attend can still pay their respects. The webcasting service gives mourners a private link to watch the funeral at home via the internet.

Recordings and keepsakes will still be chargeable but mourners are also welcome to use mobile phones to film and share funeral services with those not able to attend, provided they have permission from both the person who booked the funeral and the funeral officiant or minister.

Lastly, the Government has also introduced new restrictions for the scattering of remains and memorial placements. During the national lockdown a maximum of six people can attend these and must observe social distancing.