New climate change podcast launched


In the run up to COP26, Solihull Council has launched its very first podcast series – which aims to help listeners understand what people in Solihull are doing in the fight against climate change and what we can all learn from them.

The podcast ‘Courts on Climate Change’, sheds light on innovative eco-initiatives taking place right across the borough, from autonomous vehicles to retrofitting grants. Councillor Courts, Leader of Solihull Council is joined by host David Gregory-Kumar from BBC Midlands Today and a range of special guests during the series.

Episode One: ‘Education’, focuses on the work Solihull Council is doing with local schools around climate change and sustainability. Featured guests Birgitta Varga, Eco Leader at Balsall Common Primary School, and Tony Elvin, General Manager at Touchwood, provide their unique insights.

The episode touches upon the Greener Solihull Schools Award, which challenges children and staff to learn more about the environment both locally and globally, and make their school more eco-friendly. We also hear about the upcoming Solihull Schools Climate Conference, which includes a model COP26 summit.

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You can hear the podcasts series on Spotify.

If you prefer you can listen to the first episode by clicking on the embedded player on this page.

Councillor Ian Courts, Leader of Solihull Council, said:

“When I gave my first talk on climate change 26 years ago, it’s eye-opening to see how much of it still remains relevant today. Hosting the world’s largest climate conference here in the UK is an unprecedented opportunity to agree bold global commitments to tackle climate change. It’s also an incredible chance to get everyone talking about the situation and learning how they can play their part.

“What happens in Glasgow will affect us here in Solihull, and it’s the next generation who are most likely to be impacted from climate change in the future if we don’t act now. In this first episode I was inspired to learn how enthusiastic and invested Solihull children already are in protecting their planet doing their bit for the environment. It gave me real hope for the future to see how seriously the next generation is taking the climate emergency and I think we can all take a leaf out of their passion for change. I’d also like to thank Birgitta and Tony for taking part.

“Podcasts are rapidly gaining popularity in the UK, with over 15 million listeners in 2020. What’s great about them is you can listen if you’re on your daily commute, popping out for your daily walk or even by asking your smart speaker to play an episode when you’re washing the dishes. At Solihull Council we’re always looking for new ways to engage with our residents and recording these podcasts has brought to life some of the amazing climate action taking place across our borough. Please do listen, like and subscribe to our podcast."

The next episode of Courts on Climate Change will be available soon and takes a deep dive into Solihull’s ambitious net zero aspirations.

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