New posters to drive home COVID safety message


The Leader of Solihull Council, Councillor Ian Courts, has urged residents to keep doing the right thing to stop the transmission of COVID in Solihull.

Launching two posters to remind residents that it is people who transmit the virus and that enclosed spaces are the biggest risk, Councillor Courts, said:

“People are spreading the virus and it is from being in close contact indoors. The posters make it clear how it is happening.

“Currently we are not allowed to meet other people indoors (unless that person is in your support bubble). It’s against the current rules. 

“This lockdown is our opportunity to reduce contact with others to a bare minimum and begin reducing the infection rate. If we do this, we can look forward to fewer restrictions on our lives as we head towards the New Year.

“But to reduce the restrictions we must all continue taking the necessary precautions and follow the guidance about hands, face, space. If you meet one other person outside your household, it must be outdoors and you must still observe social distancing.

“Look out for the posters to see just how easy it is to become infected indoors. By understanding the risks, we can play our part in stopping the virus spreading and do the right thing for ourselves and for Solihull. 

“And if you have any symptoms, get a test and self-isolate – it’s that simple.”

COVID-19 Posters