‘Please take your litter home’


Springtime and sunshine means many more people are out and about enjoying Solihull’s parks and open spaces. As well as reminding residents that the ‘rule of six’ doesn’t come in until 29 March, local volunteers working with Love Solihull – Solihull Council’s environmental initiative – along with Solihull Council, would also like to remind people to take their litter home.

Chris Dunster, Chair of ‘Talking Rubbish in Solihull’, said: “I’m one of about 250 residents in the borough who have signed up for Love Solihull Community Litter Picking. Despite COVID restrictions we have been able to continue our litter picking individually and exercise at the same time.

“We all do this because we care passionately about our communities and want to keep our streets and parks looking nice and kept clean. But we shouldn’t need to do this. Every time it’s sunny our parks fill up and some people leave their rubbish behind. This makes work for already stretched council staff and for volunteers like me, that take pride in their local area. Please – put your rubbish in the bins provided. If they’re full – take your rubbish home!”

Cllr Ken Hawkins, Solihull Council’s Cabinet Member for Environment and Highways, added: “It’s great to see so many people enjoying our beautiful parks and most people are responsible. But as we take our first tentative steps out of lockdown and people can meet for a coffee or picnic I’m really concerned about the selfish behaviour of some.

“Leaving litter in our parks and on our streets endangers wildlife, can spread disease – including COVID, and spoils the enjoyment of our parks for other people. It also creates more work for council staff and volunteers like Chris. Please treat our environment and others with respect.”

From Monday 8 March, people are allowed to leave home for recreation and exercise outdoors with their household or support bubble, if they are eligible for one, or with one person from outside their household.

If you are interested in litter picking your local area of Solihull then contact lovesolihull@solihull.gov.uk or visit www.lovesolihull.org