Praise for Solihull’s Integrated Addiction Services


Professor Dame Carol Black, heaped on the praise for Solihull’s Integrated Addiction Services (SIAS) at last week’s grand opening of the borough’s newly refurbished Newington Centre.

Professor Dame Carol Black was commissioned by the Government to undertake a two-part independent review of drugs policy.

Following the Government's pledge to invest £800m into improving addictions services, SIAS' partners, Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Foundation Trust allocated funding to the Newington Centre refurbishment. The centre now has additional space to host an extensive programme of events for its service users and more clinic rooms so people can be seen on a one-to-one basis or in groups.

SIAS is a partnership of organisations. Commissioned by Solihull Council, the partners work closely together to support Solihull residents who are struggling with alcohol, drug or gambling addictions.

Professor Dame Black, said at the opening:

“It's so nice to go somewhere, to a place, where everyone is polite and welcoming and everything I would want a treatment and recovery centre to be…

“You’re doing what I'd like to every place in the country to do, you’re doing it in a joined up, partnership and collaborative way and we've a long way to go elsewhere.”

Attending the event alongside Dame Carol was Dr Ed Day, the UK government’s Drug Recovery Champion. Dr Day said:

“The advancements made to our Newington Centre will help support the most vulnerable residents in the community, aiding in their journey to recovery. The concept of recovery involves more than just control over substance use. It requires better mental and physical health, but just as importantly it involves the development of a meaningful life. The centre’s vision is to ensure that people in Solihull who need support with drug, alcohol or gambling addictions have easy access to appropriate treatment and recovery services, thereby reducing the health, social and economic harms that addictions can cause. I believe that the refurbishment will only enhance the high-quality care our teams already provide here at the centre”. 

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction or you have been affected by a loved one’s substance misuse then please get in touch with SIAS here:

The Mayor of Solihull, Councillor Ken Meeson, who attended the event at the Newington Centre, said:

“I am pleased to see the refurbishment of Newington Centre, it is a lovely building which provides a non-threatening atmosphere for service users and their families.

“SIAS uses the centre to provide their services. Established for some years in Solihull the refurbished Centre is now able to provide improved surroundings, better facilities and space.

“There has been an increase in people who need counselling, support and practical help which is what the centre is here to provide. I hope that those in our borough who need treatment and support will be able to benefit from the Centre.”

Ruth Tennant, Director of Public Health said:

“SIAS is one of the Council’s vital commissioned services for people in Solihull.  It is important that we continue to offer residents a safe place to receive treatment and recover from their addiction in their local area.

“I was pleased to have had the seal of approval from Dame Carol.  She has really pushed for the government to commit to long term investment and provision into addressing substance misuse, something we recognise as a priority here.  We have to ensure the right help is available for those in our communities who are struggling with addiction. I hope both staff and service users continue to reap the benefits of the Newington Centre.”