Queen's Baton Relay (26/07/2022) road closure and travel FAQs


Queens Baton Relay 26/07/22 FAQs

Where can I find out the route and timing of the Queen's Baton Relay through my area?  

The route and timings can be found here.

More specific details will be added nearer to the event. 

Can I watch the relay anywhere in Solihull ?  

The baton will be carried on a support vehicle on long stretches of road between villages and local centres so wont be visible. People wanting to support the runners are advised to gather in more built up areas.  

What arrangements will be made for people with disabilities to see the relay?

All spectators should be able to view the Queen's Baton Relay. We have produced a map of the route so residents can find a suitable place. 

Will there be barriers to stand behind to keep spectators safe? 

Generally, no, but there maybe be barriers at specific locations where big crowds are expected for example Solihull High Street.  

Which roads will be closed and for how long? 

To enable the safe and efficient passage of the baton, roads along the route will be temporarily closed as the baton travels through the borough. These will be short term staggered closures which are intended to minimise the impact of the event, whilst enabling as many people as possible to safely see and take part in this celebration which marks the culmination of the build up to the Games.

The Baton will be supported by a convoy of vehicles which will follow and transport it between relay locations (those sections where the baton is held by and passed between Batonbearers).

Roads will be closed to vehicles for approximately 20mins in advance of the anticipated baton arrival to a relay point. It will then be reopened as soon as it has safely passed by.  We anticipate the disruption at any one location will be limited to circa an hour, and in most cases will be significantly less than this. 

It should be noted that, apart from Homer Road, all roads will always remain open to pedestrians and therefore whilst access by vehicle will be temporarily limited, access on foot will be always available. Access for emergency services will also be maintained at all times. Please note bus services will also be impacted and we would ask that you check with you operator to understand how this may affect your journey.

A team of marshals will staff the closures, and whilst we are not able to sign diversion routes, we will be working to facilitate and enable access on a case-by-case basis where possible.

We recognise that this will be particularly important to businesses and service and care providers, many of whom will be working to strict timetables that have limited scope for change.

Set out below is a list of approximate timings for key locations along the route. We trust this information is of use and would ask that where possible you schedule any deliveries and service calls etc outside of these times where appropriate.

  • Castle Bromwich


  • Knowle


  • Babbs Mill Park


  • Dorridge


  • North Solihull Sports Centre


  • Hockley Heath


  • Marston Green


  • Cheswick Green


  • NEC


  • Dickens Heath


  • Hampton In Arden


  • Shirley Park and Stratford Road


  • Meriden


  • Warwick Road @ Dovehouse


  • Berkswell


  • Solihull Town Centre


  • Balsall Common


  • Jubilee Gardens


The times above are anticipated arrival times. Roads leading to these sections will be closed in advance and may be opened early, but may also be subject to delay in the event of an unplanned emergency or incident which would require the road to be closed for longer than anticipated.

Please note that parking will not be restricted along the route, however as the baton passes access will be fully restricted and you will temporarily not be able to move your vehicle if it is parked on the route.

A full list of the roads that the baton will be travelling down can be found here


7. How are the road closures going to operate? 

Solihull Council working closely with West Midlands Police will manage the road closures on the day. Advanced warning signs will be erected along the route 2 weeks in advance to make sure people are aware of the upcoming closures and on the day road closure signs and other traffic management barriers will be placed around the network to ensure that the travelling public is aware of which roads are closed. Due to the size of the route it is not possible to provide diversion routes or signage. The closures will not last for long and will be staggered so disruption should be minimal. 

In addition to the Council led closures, West Midlands Police will be present on the day with the Baton at all times.

Traffic Regulation Orders can be found here once published.

8. Who is providing the security for the baton? 

The Metropolitan Police are responsible for securing the baton and the Batonbears. West Midlands police will provide the security for the route.  

Will I have access to my house and car if I’m on the route?  

Pedestrian access will be maintained to all properties at all times, however it will be necessary to briefly close certain roads when the Baton is on display and passes along a road. Roads will not be closed for transition stages, however there may be periods of delay as the baton and support vehicles travel around the borough more slowly than typical traffic.

Can I park on a road along the Baton route? 

Our intention is to minimise any disruption to local residents as the baton passes through the borough and as such we are not proposing to introduce a blanket suspension of parking along the route. Existing parking restrictions will still apply and when the baton passes through an area the road may be temporarily closed which will prevent vehicles parked on the route from being able to move. As such there may be some short delays and you may wish to consider parking somewhere else if this is of concern.

In isolated locations it may be necessary to introduce limited parking restrictions to ensure that the baton is able to pass through an area. In such instances no waiting cones will be used and set out the night before and will show those areas where we would ask people not to park. These cones will be removed once the baton has passed through an area.

Will my bus and train be running?

The Council has been talking to local transport operators to advise them of the days event and discuss possible disruption. There are no planned disruptions to trains however some bus routes may be temporarily diverted as the baton passes through the borough.  Please use the Travel for West Midlands Journey Planner.

Can I use the relay to promote my business? 

You can certainly join in with the celebrations but there are strict rules about using the Birmingham 2022 brand and logo. Information and advice can be found here.

Who will be clearing up afterwards? 

The Council’s cleansing team will be cleaning the roads and pavements following the event. 

Who is paying for the Baton relay security and safety matters? 

There is no central funding so all cost is being met locally by the agencies involved.