Solihull and Birmingham residents encouraged to use local parent services


Next week is Infant Mental Health Awareness Week (IMHAW) 13 to 19 June, which will highlight the importance of babies’ mental health as well as some of the issues that affect it.

This year’s theme is on ‘understanding early trauma’. The campaign will explain how childhood experiences can and do have a significant impact on a child’s adult life.

Solihull Council and Birmingham City Council, alongside key partners provide resources, information and events to help support local parents and carers to build stable, loving and healthy relationships with infants early on (the first 1001 days of a child’s life):

These include resources such as Five to Thrive, which shows parents how they can enjoy every stage of their child’s life from pregnancy to five years. Residents can book onto Five to Thrive workshops by contacting  0121 301 2773 or

ICON, helps people who care for babies to cope with crying and Solihull Approach (for Birmingham and Solihull residents) has online courses to  help residents gain a better understanding of their baby, child and teenager, with tips to manage their behaviour.

While Solihull Parenting Team, can provide face to face and virtual parenting support including help with infant mental health. You can contact the team on 0121 301 2773. There is also the Parent-Infant Foundation, a well-established and highly regarded website with information and resources for parents to download and use.


Councillor Tony Dicicco, cabinet member for adult social care and health at Solihull Council, commented:

“As a father myself I understand the challenges being a parent brings. From the moment your new baby comes home, you suddenly realise you are responsible for every aspect of this little person’s life and that you don’t have a manual to explain how to do it! Combine this with juggling work and other responsibilities it can seem overwhelming.

“I’m therefore pleased to see that there is work being done not just at a Solihull level but a regional one to help support parents and caregivers, particularly with a focus on those tricky, but critically important early years.

“I hope residents take the opportunity to explore the local services and information available to them.”

Councillor Karen McCarthy Cabinet Member for Children Young People and Families at Birmingham City Council said:

“I am delighted with the range of activities and online events that will be promoted during infant mental health week.  It will certainly be most welcome to parents and carers as we emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic.  This week will promote a wealth of online resources that parents and carers can easily access to support their little ones in their development.   Providing some useful tips and small interventions which make a significant positive impact on infant development and wellbeing.”