Solihull Council Works to Deliver Census 2021


Solihull Council is continuing to work with the Office for National Statistics (ONS) to deliver Census 2021. Solihull libraries continue their service assisting those who have difficulty completing the census, with the service now available six days a week on the week of census day itself, from Monday 15 - Saturday 20 March.

The census is taking place on 21 March 2021. However if you are unsure or can’t access a computer to fill in the form, then you can contact Solihull Libraries on 0121 704 6005 or email and a member of staff will ring you within one working day. Assistance can include:

  • Answering queries about the questions in the census form
  • Filling in the form for you with you on the phone supplying the information. All staff have signed a confidentiality agreement and your information will not be shared with anyone else.
  • Supplying a new access code
  • Referring you to other support information on how to fill in the form or
  • Support around the logistics of the census for those not home on census day itself, and other issues.

Solihull residents can get help from our libraries with filling in their Census form, with national support from the ONS also available. The census is for everybody, and help to complete the census is available.

Fiona Saxon, Census Engagement Manager for Solihull said: “It's fantastic to see the engagement with Census 2021 so far. We are encouraging everyone to be counted on the 21st March census to enable local government, charities and businesses to provide the very best services to Solihull. There is plenty of support available for anyone who needs a bit of extra help”.

For more information and advice on how to answer the questions, visit