Update 30 June – 25 June floods


Following a severe thunderstorm on Friday night 25 June, properties in Dorridge/Bentley Heath and the surrounding area were inundated with surface rain water.

The intensity of the rainfall reached 165mm per hour over the middle of Dorridge on Friday night at 9pm, with a total of 60mm of rainfall falling in an hour.  To put this into perspective the TOTAL average monthly rainfall for June in the Dorridge area is 80mm.

The Council received calls from 9pm until after midnight and the Council’s drainage engineers went onsite to assist the emergency services and the CSW Resilience team deal with the flood water and provide support to householders.  

On Saturday Council officers went to the area and spoke to residents.  They initially identified a total of 52 properties affected by the flooding and offered support and advice.

Since then officers have visited a further 191 properties of which 97 have experienced internal flooding and are being followed up with our welfare teams.

There are another 60 properties to visit over the next day or so and we expect more to come forward.

The Council’s street cleansing team began the clean-up operation on the roads affected on Monday and we will be offering a waste disposal service to householders affected by the flooding.

The Council is asking residents to continue to send videos and photos to drainage@solihull.gov.uk as this will provide useful evidence for the drainage team’s incident report and investigation into the causes of the flooding event.  Any evidence will be used to apply for funding to provide mitigation measures if appropriate. 

If there are any other residents affected by Friday’s floods they should call 0121 704 8004 or email: drainage@solihull.gov.uk