Orange Button community scheme

People who are having thoughts of suicide or who are worried about a friend or family member can ask Orange Button wearers in their community for information and support.

What is the Orange Button Scheme?

The orange button is worn by people in Solihull and Birmingham who have undergone specialised suicide prevention training, and while they are not able to counsel people, they can provide comprehensive signposting to relevant services.

Originally developed in Lancashire and South Cumbria, the scheme has three aims:

  • create a community of people trained in suicide awareness who have gained skills from quality assured training
  • create a network of organisations with Orange Button wearers who can listen to someone and signpost them to support
  • ensure all communities are aware of the Orange Button, what it signifies and how people can be involved, by promoting from within the community

Making a difference

Please watch Michelle’s story to understand how Orange Button-holders are already making a difference in the community. Watch Michelle's story about how her training helped her signpost someone in crisis.

The Orange Button Community Scheme training is fully funded across Solihull and Birmingham.

If you would like to become an Orange Button holder, you will need to complete, or have already completed; at least three hours of quality assured suicide prevention training (or mental health training with suicide prevention content) over the past 3 years. This is to ensure you are equipped with the skills to listen and signpost people.

If you have no previous training and would like to become an Orange Button holder please complete registration form 1 below

Registration form 1

If you have at least 3 hours of quality assured mental health or suicide prevention training and would like to become an Orange Button holder please complete registration form 2 below

Registration form 2

Everyone who completes the requisite Suicide Prevention training will be sent an orange button pin badge and support card information.

Orange Button holders will only wear their pin badge when they feel well enough to help, and in a position to do so. The badge can be removed whenever required.

The Suicide Prevention team will keep in touch with Orange Button holders to request feedback on the scheme.

Ongoing support for Orange Button holders:

  • At all times keep yourself well and be self-aware.
  • Wearing the badge is your choice, only wear it when you feel well enough to support others.
  • Orange Button holders can refer to Solihull Council website for up-to-date information on local support and resources - Healthy minds |

Anyone struggling to cope with mental health issues and needing urgent help can call Solihull and Birmingham’s Mental Health Helpline on 0121 262 3555.

If you or someone you know needs immediate help, please call 999 or go to A&E now.

Please contact us at