Memorials in parks and open spaces

A memorial gives you a permanent place of reflection and comfort, where family and friends can remember a loved one for years to come.

Memorial Tree

Our memorial tree service is now closed for the 2022/23 planting season. 

Please do come back and visit us again next year. We will be taking requests from January 2023 to April 2023, for the 2023/24 planting season.

Memorial Bench

We are no longer accepting requests for 2022.

Request for 2023 will be taken from 1 January 2023.

For a memorial bench we can provide one of our standard park benches and we will consider requests for any park with the exception of:

  • Malvern and Brueton Park
  • Elmdon Park

As most of our parks now have more benches than necessary, we are unable to maintain or install higher numbers.  

We can however attach a commemorative plaque to an existing park bench or provide a new bench to replace an old park bench that’s not a memorial bench. A cast bronze plaque bearing the wording of your choice would be fitted securely to the top of the bench. 

Once it’s installed, we’ll make sure the  bench is maintained in good condition for a minimum of 5 years, including making good any damage caused by vandalism.  Unfortunately, we are not able to replace damaged benches after 5 years. 

Cemetery memorials

Visit our memorial options page to view our available memorials for cemeteries in Solihull.