Apply for a fitness training permit for Solihull parks and green spaces

We support and encourage parks and open spaces being used for outdoor fitness training, both on an individual basis and for larger commercial groups.

Permits are required to hold a fitness training or small group activity sessions in our parks and open spaces.

Apply for a fitness training permit for Solihull parks

Having a licence gives you the exciting opportunity of running activities in some the boroughs best parks and open settings.

We issue permits make sure that:

  • all people can enjoy and benefit from various forms of sport and fitness training in public spaces
  • our parks and open spaces are free from misuse
  • people using the park are not  affected by large groups of people training together
  • we can promote how our parks are used to improve public health; this may include publicising your classes across on social media
  • park visitors can take part in fitness training in a variety of outdoor environments.
  • sport and fitness operators’ deliver high quality safe activities and that they hold appropriate insurance and qualifications (based on industry best practice)

When and where can I host a fitness session?

Only locations maintained and managed by Solihull Council are available. Some locations also have specific conditions

A fitness session is an activity 1:1 or a 1:group activity that lasts for no longer than 90 minutes.

The following areas/facilities are not permitted for use at any time:

  • picnic areas and benches
  • exclusive use of public outdoor fitness equipment in parks and reserves
  • areas within 10 metres of memorials
  • areas within 10 metres of any playground or item of play equipment
  • areas within 10 metres of any public changing room, toilet or kiosk
  • areas within 50 metres of any neighbouring residential property
  • training on stairways and pathways (these can be travelled upon but are not to be used for either static or repeated training routines)

For full details see our terms of use.

Before you apply

You will need to provide evidence of the following as part of your application:

  • The park where you wish to hold your sessions.
  • Proposed dates and times of your session
  • Background checks known as the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) - you must supply relevant copies of individual checks if working with children and vulnerable adults
  • Qualifications - copies of Personal Training certification at REPs or equivalent and relevant first aid qualification
  • Insurance and public liability - copies of individual insurance and public liability for the duration of the period the permit has been issued for to the value of £5 million
  • Risk assessment - evidence that all risks have been considered should be included in a risk assessment to reduce potential risk
  • Emergency and first aid plan - evidence that a first aid plan is in place if any accidents occur during the session
  • Proof of identification (Passport Photo)
  • Please read the Government Covid-19 guidance for fitness trainers and coaches

We may also carry out on-site checks to ensure you remain fully certified.

We’ll consider all proposed activities in relation to suitability, other planned activities and safety of all park users. We therefore reserve the right to restrict numbers or refuse permission to use a park on a case-by-case basis.

When you need to apply

You must submit your application as follows:

  • New applicants or changes to existing permit: 10 weeks before the proposed start date
  • Renew an existing permit with no changes: 28 days before the proposed start date. Ongoing agreements should be renewed annually beginning on 1 April and should be submitted by the end of February.


Apply for a fitness permit

Fees and charges

You can now apply for a 6 month permit if you don't want to provide sessions all year.

Fees and charges for 2024/25

Up to 10 clients

Per year


6 months


Up to 20 clients

Per year


6 months


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