Glass recycling

You can now put your glass bottles and jars into your brown bin or clear sacks. There is no need to separate them and put them in your black box, which makes recycling even easier. 

Why have we changed the way we collect?

All the recycling we collect from the kerbside now goes to a state of the art materials recovery facility (MRF) - Sherborne Recycling. The MRF features integrated artificial intelligence, including robotic and optical sorters which separate mixed recycling into different materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

Using new technology, the new MRF can separate material to very high standards which means that it is no longer necessary to keep glass separate from other recyclables.  Therefore glass and jars can now be mixed with all of the other recycling that we collect from the kerbside.

Yes, you can now place your glass bottles and jars into your brown bin or clear sacks. 

Yes, you can put your glass bottles and jars in your communal recycling bin and you can put mixed recycling in your glass recycling bin.

Yes, the small number of properties that do not have a glass recycling collection can now put glass bottles and jars in the brown bin/clear sacks.

You can recycle:

Yes please:

  • glass bottles 
  • glass jars
  • metal caps and lids from jars/bottles

No thank you:

  • pyrex style glass
  • drinking glasses
  • broken glass
  • light bulbs
  • vases

You might find it useful to keep hold of this as you can use it for extra recycling if it doesn't all fit into your brown bin or clear sacks.