Request sharps collection

We will collect sharps boxes (used needles) from residents who are self-medicating for conditions such as diabetes.

We do not collect clinical waste or sharps from commercial and business addresses.

Sharps box collections can be booked by residents who are using sharps to self-medicate as prescribed by their doctor or healthcare practitioner.

Other types of clinical waste can only be booked at the request of health trusts, health centres, doctors or district nurses. If you are a resident wishing to request a clinical waste collection please contact your health practitioner.

Sharps boxes are collected on a different schedule to that of your refuse and recycling. When arranging a collection you will be advised separately where to leave the sharps boxes for collection and the date of your collection.

If you have sharps boxes with different coloured lids, you will need to complete a separate request for each coloured lid.

So we can improve our service, you now need a customer account to request a sharps collection.

It’s easy to create an account if you are not signed up.

If you need support, our customer account page can help.

Request a sharps collection

Once we’ve received your request, we will contact you to arrange collection.

Sharps collections - Frequently Asked Questions

Needles are often referred to as 'sharps'.

If you use need to use needles at home (Such as if you are diabetic) you will be provided with a sharps box for their disposal. We can safely collect your sharps box for free.

The amount of times we collect depends on your needs. For example, you could have monthly collections.

You will need to complete a form, each time you require a collection.

We will only provide one replacement 5 litre box with a yellow lid. If you require a different coloured lid, please contact your health practitioner.

If you live in Solihull, we will need to collect your sharps boxes.

You will need to complete a separate form for each sharps box.

Yes, we will collect your sharps box, please complete our online form.

Your GP/health practitioner should provide a prescription for your first sharps box.

Yes, if we have the contact details and agreement before your collection.

The service is from Monday to Friday.

There may be scope to arrange alternative collection times, but this would depend on the agreement of our contractors.

We do not collect pet sharps.

Please ask your vet about how they can be disposed of.

The Solihull Integrated Addiction Service provide a needle exchange scheme.

We will only remove boxes that are scheduled to be collected.

You can ask us to collect the extra boxes by completing a new request form.

You will receive an email after you complete our request form that provides the details of your collection.

Please report immediately to 0121 704 8000 for safe collection and disposal.