Our customer standards

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Solihull Connect Statement of Purpose

‘To help customers access Council services by operating excellent Customer Services which provide choice and value for money and are delivered by professional staff who are open, honest, approachable and keep their promises.’

We understand the importance of meeting & exceeding customer expectations. When dealing with your enquiry it's our priority to adhere to the following service levels. 

When you contact us, no matter how, we will:

  • be polite, respectful and listen to your enquiry
  • aim to deal with your enquiry at the first point of contact. If we need to transfer your enquiry to another team, we will tell you why, who you will be transferred to and ensure that we pass on the details of your enquiry
  • communicate with you in plain English using terms that are clear and easy to understand
  • provide information in large print format, Braille or tape on request
  • provide access to an interpretation service if English is not your first language
  • where circumstances prevent us from meeting these standards we will inform and keep you updated

When you write or email us we will:

  • answer your letters within 5 working days
  • aim to answer 95% of emails within one working day
  • provide a first response to emails within 2 working days
  • let you know when a reply can be expected if we cannot give you a full reply within these timescales

When you phone us we will:

  • aim to answer 95% of all telephone calls
  • manage busy times to minimise any waiting
  • provide you with an option to leave a voicemail for us to return your call later if you prefer

When you visit us we will:

  • provide walk in services that are as convenient, accessible and welcoming as possible
  • help you with using self service facilities
  • aim to see you within 15 minutes of you arriving and deal with your enquiry as quickly as possible
  • where available, offer appointments to see someone at a time convenient to you
  • provide a private interview room if you need to discuss a sensitive or confidential issue