Solihull Town Centre Public Realm Strategy

Working with design and engineering consultants Arcadis, we are currently developing proposals for an exciting new Public Realm Strategy (PRS).

This will help guide design principles for future developments and provide continuity across our public spaces, streets and greenspaces within the town centre. From bins to benches and lighting to street signage we want to ensure our approach to high quality public realm respects and enhances Solihull’s distinctiveness and identity.

Building on the Solihull Public Realm Masterplan (2016) and reflecting both Local Plan policies and the recommendations of the Town Centre Masterplan (2020) the strategy will set out an overarching vision for Solihull’s public realm. Our emerging PRS seeks to help underpin the Council’s strategic aim to support continued investment in our town centre and ensure it remains a vibrant, attractive and welcoming place for everyone to live, work and visit.

Public Realm design

What is Public Realm?

Public realm can be described as the space around, between and within buildings that are publicly accessible including streets, squares, parks and open spaces. It incorporates all areas to which the public has open access to. These areas and settings support or facilitate public life and social interaction.

Whether it’s a high street, or an urban park, the qualities of the public realm are integral to its use and help create the unique character, attractiveness and general feel of place.

Have your say

We are looking forward to sharing our emerging strategy soon and to start gathering crucial comments, suggestions and feedback. Look out for details of how you can get involved or sign up to our Solihull Town Centre Public Realm Strategy email bulletin to automatically receive updates on this project.