Privacy Notice - Adult Care and Support Operational Teams

Nature of work

Adult Care and Support Operational Teams comprise of:

  • 0 to 25
  • All Age Disability Team
  • Community Rehabilitation, Enablement and Support Team (CREST)
  • Community Teams North and South
  • Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards Team (sometimes referred to as DoLs Team)
  • Hospital Teams
  • Mental Health and Autism
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Reablement

They work with people aged 18 plus with an appearance of care and support needs, and young people transitioning from Children’s to adult services. The Teams work with individuals to improve their wellbeing by assessing their needs and organising care and support if required, to enable them to be as independent as possible. The teams receive referrals from anyone, including people with care and support needs, carers and family members, health professionals, education professionals, emergency services etc.

Why we need your information

In order to understand your needs fully, and if required, organise appropriate care and support for you.

Type/Classes of information processed

The operational teams process a variety of information relating to individuals, including:

  • Personal details (Name, Home Address, Contact Telephone Numbers, Date of Birth, Gender, Ethnicity, NHS Number, Date of Death)
  • Height and Weight
  • Health conditions, disability, diagnosis
  • GP details
  • Lifestyle and social circumstances
  • Financial details
  • Housing needs
  • Property Type
  • Key Access Code
  • Family details
  • Lifestyle and social circumstances
  • Employment and education details
  • Referral/Assessment Information
  • Prepaid cards providers
  • Direct payment support services

Who information is processed about

  • People with an appearance of care and support needs
  • Carers
  • Family members

Who information may be shared with

To aid support planning, your information may be shared with:

  • Your family
  • NHS, including your GP and hospitals
  • Emergency services
  • Charities, including Age UK Solihull
  • Care providers, for example, care agencies

How long we will keep your information

Information is kept whilst people are receiving support from Adult Care and Support Operational Teams, and for seven years after this.

Transfers Overseas

Information may be transferred overseas to service user’s family members or representatives.