Privacy Notice - Commissioning

Nature of work

Commissioning for Adult Social Care involves a cycle of analysing what support is needed, planning the services, implementing the services and facilitating the market, monitoring what is working and what needs improving, then starting the cycle again.

Why we need your information

We need your information to:

  • To gather statistical information to allow us to plan future provision of services and to obtain your opinion about our services
  • To meet various legal requirements
  • To enable us to perform statutory law enforcement functions for example licensing, planning enforcement, trading standards food safety, etc
  • For the prevention and/or detection of crime including fraud
  • To process financial transactions including grants and payments directly involving us or where we are acting on behalf of other government bodies such a Department for Works and Pensions
  • For general processing where you have given your consent for us to do so
  • Where it is necessary to protect individuals from harm or injury
  • Where is it permitted under Data Protection legislation, for example, to comply with legal obligations or for us to seek legal advice or understand legal proceedings

Type/Classes of information processed

Where relevant we process a variety of information relating to individuals including:

  • Personal details
  • Family details
  • Name and job title
  • Contact information including email address
  • Goods and services
  • Financial details
  • Housing needs
  • Visual images, personal appearance and behaviour
  • Business activities
  • Case file information
  • Births and deaths details

Who information is processed about

We process information about:

  • Customers
  • Suppliers
  • Staff, person contracted to provide a service
  • Complaints, enquirers or their representatives
  • Professional advisers and consultants
  • Carers or representatives
  • Landlords
  • Licence and permit holders
  • Traders and others subject to inspection
  • Healthcare users/patients
  • Survey respondents

Who information may be shared with

Where necessary or required we share information with:

  • Customers
  • Healthcare, social and welfare organisations
  • Providers of goods and services
  • Local and central government
  • Ombudsman and regulatory authorities
  • Professional advisers and consultants
  • Survey and research organisations
  • Voluntary and charitable organisations
  • Data processors
  • Regulatory bodies
  • Local and central government
  • Service providers
  • Healthcare professionals Healthcare users/patients
  • Survey respondents

How long we will keep your information

Information is kept whilst people are receiving support from Adult Care and Support Operational Teams, and for seven years after this.

Transfers Overseas

Information may be transferred overseas to service user’s family members or representatives.