Privacy Notice - Parking and Enforcement Services

Nature of work

Parking and Enforcement Services is responsible for operating and enforcing a number of car parks which comprise of over 4500 spaces. We also undertake the enforcement of on street restrictions including Bus Lanes to allow for the continued free traffic flow of traffic around the borough for both residents and visitors alike

Duties range from considering appeals from motorists who feel that a Penalty Charge Notice should not be paid and wish to appeal to considering and offering dispensation to motorists carrying out work within the borough. Parking and Enforcement Services also carry out a number of other core Highway duties including the management of Abandoned Vehicles.

Why we need your information

We need your information:

  • To Identify the registered keeper of vehicles issued with Penalty Charge Notices
  • To Identify the last known registered keeper of a vehicle reported as abandoned 

Type/Classes of information processed

  • Basic details of your vehicle such as vehicle registration number, vehicle ownership checks (DVLA), vehicle make and model, location of vehicle, civil parking offence details
  • Basic details about you such as address, telephone number, email address
  • Contact we have had with you, such as any correspondence, Penalty Charge Notice appeals Abandoned vehicle enquiries
  • Images of you if the enforcement officer has activated their body worn video camera
  • Your credit/debit card details if you have paid for a service by card

Who information is processed about

Car and car owner information relating to parking and enforcement of on and off street parking restrictions.

Who information may be shared with


Bristow and Sutor Ltd

  • These are two bailiff companies used to recover outstanding parking enforcement debt owed to the council.

Chipside Limited (MiPermit)

  • Take payments for Pay by Phone parking sessions
  • Create customer accounts

3C Payment

Six Payment Services AG

  • Take payments for credit/Debit card parking sessions

Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA)

In order to identify the registered keeper of a vehicle at a given time, for the purpose of the enforcement of a Penalty Charge Notice (in accordance with The Civil Enforcement of Parking Contraventions (England) General Regulations 2007 and Transport Act 2000. Bus Lane Contraventions (Penalty Charges, Adjudication and Enforcement) (England) Regulations 2005) or for the consideration of prosecution in any other related matter, we may contact the DVLA and provide them with the details known to us.

Traffic Enforcement Centre (TEC )

The TEC is a registration point for unpaid Penalty Charge Notices, which enables the authority to enforce as if a County Court Order. TEC gives Parking and Enforcement Services  the authority to issue a Warrant of Execution and employ a 'certificated' bailiff’s to enforce as they would for council tax etc.

How long we will keep your information

Business Need or maximum of 7+ years after service delivery

Transfers Overseas

Information is not transferred overseas.

Further Information

For more information about this service please contact