Scrap metal licenses

Scrap metal dealers or motor salvage operators must have a licence to trade.

There are 2 types of licence:

  • a site licence allows you to buy and sell scrap metal from a fixed location within Solihull
  • a collector’s licence allows you to collect scrap metal from addresses in Solihull, you may not take this metal back to a site that you run within Solihull in order to sell it


To apply please download the following application form:


From 1 April 2024:

  • Site Licence (3 years) Grant or Renewal - £665
  • Additional Site - £449
  • Variation to Site Licence - £243
  • Collectors Licence (3 years): Grant or Renewal - £260
  • Replacement/Reissue - £41.00

Noise complaints

Scrap metal collectors should not use a loudspeaker to advertise their trade or business.

Any instances of noise pollution should be reported to us.