Noise pollution

Noise complaints about HS2

We cannot investigate noise complaints about works related to HS2.

You can make a complaint on the HS2 website, if you have been affected by noise from:

  • builders
  • contractors
  • any other workers

HS2 explain how they manage construction noise and vibration.

To get in touch with the HS2:

If you contact us about HS2 we may share your data. Our privacy notice tells you how we handle your information. 

If noise is disrupting you and your family, affecting your health or stopping you from enjoying a peaceful life at home, you can get help to stop it.

Noise from another home

Our anti social behaviour team can investigate instances of excessive noise nuisance caused by a neighbouring home. This could be:

  • loud music, barking dogs, banging or shouting

If you're experiencing anti social behaviour call 0121 717 1500 or report it online.

Visit our anti social behaviour page for further information.

Other sources of noise disturbance

The following complaints can be reported directly to us:

  • noise from industrial premises (construction or demolition)
  • noise from commercial premises (entertainment, ventilation systems)

Noise from commercial premises alarms should be reported directly to the Police on 101

Noise from industrial premises

Noise taking place at a construction or demolition site should occur at the following times:

  • Monday to Friday 8.00am - 6.00pm
  • Saturday 8.00am - 1.00pm
  • Sundays & Bank Holidays - no noise

Report an industrial or commercial noise complaint

Report a commercial or industrial noise disturbance

Intruder and vehicle alarms

We have the power to break into a vehicle to silence nuisance alarms.

We can also disable intruder alarms, but before doing so we make every effort to contact key holders. If you have an intruder alarm on your property, we recommend that you designate at least 2 key holders who can disable the alarm if needed and tell us who they are.

It’s also worth checking that your alarm has an automatic cut-out after 20 minutes (newer alarms should have this fitted as standard) and that you have it serviced regularly.

You can contact us about an alarm by calling 0121 704 8000. You must know the precise location where the noise is coming from.