REFRESH SISS SEMH Nurture Provision

Our Nurture Provision (NP) is a short term, early intervention for children with SEMH needs. Our aim is to support pupils who are having difficulty managing mainstream education, but with additional nurture and support, can return to and succeed in, their mainstream school.

We recognise that every child is an individual, therefore our approach will be personalised and bespoke and will follow the Nurture Group model, with a welcoming environment based around nurturing experiences.

Our goal is for our pupils to develop strategies that enable them to achieve successful outcomes with us that can be transferred to their home schools. Pupils will return to their schools on Wednesdays for their integration day. Pupils should attend our Nurture Provision for no longer than two terms when they will return to their schools full time.

The Nurture Provision is based on the same site as Coleshill Heath Primary School. Our KS2 class will open later this term and our KS1 class in the summer term 2022, with approximately 8-10 pupils in each class. We are able to offer teaching and support staff with additional knowledge, skills and expertise in the area of SEMH who will deliver an innovative and engaging curriculum. Our pupils will also benefit from being able to access, where appropriate, our onsite Play Therapist.

A key part of our provision is to support our families throughout the placement with the help of our dedicated Family Support Worker. We will also work closely with referring schools, particularly during transition periods, offering visits, advice and CPD as well as regular meetings where pupil progress will be reviewed.

Places in the Intervention Provision are allocated at panel meetings. Applications are made by the child’s current SENCO following the referral process as laid out in the:

The school will liaise with their SEMH Advisory teacher and or Educational Psychologist prior to referral. At panel meetings, a decision will be made as to whether the provision is the appropriate setting for each individual applicant and whether there is a space at that time.