SEPS for educational settings

The Solihull Educational Psychology Service (SEPS) is a centrally funded local authority service for Solihull settings. You will not be charged for any statutory assessments, which are provided as part of the core offer. 

Settings have the opportunity to purchase additional educational psychology services from us.

  • psychological advice for EHC assessments
  • contributing to occasional pieces of work at the request of the EHC Team
  • providing expert advice and support for SEND tribunals and appeals
  • consultation and support for priority cases (e.g. Looked After Children)
  • training and support to schools and community partners
  • Local Authority High Needs work, especially Social, Emotional, Mental Health, Virtual School and Emotionally Based School Refusal (criteria apply)
  • supporting schools following critical incidents
  • children and young people 0-25
  • work with families
  • psychological assessment
  • group, whole class, whole school interventions
  • solution finding consultation with staff
  • evidenced based interventions for children, families and staff
  • staff supervision and wellbeing support
  • bespoke INSET
  • organisational development
  • ELSA Programme
  • we will allocate a dedicated link Educational Psychologist (EP) to you who will work with your setting, your collaborative, children and families
  • we will provide continuity for casework across non-statutory and statutory activities where possible
  • we will provide you access to a team of EPs, Trainees and Assistants that have expertise and knowledge of best evidence in the field of educational and family psychology
  • we believe in the importance of working with families and the educational setting
  • we will work jointly with education, health and social care services for the benefit of children and families
  • we guarantee a model of service delivery that is quality assured, ethical and person-centred


When you have commissioned the service, we will always negotiate the work with you and agree how best to respond to your needs. We will seek to support, complement and extend the knowledge and skills of your staff. We can respond flexibly and at different levels.

Educational psychology offers traded services that adhere to the British Psychological Society’s Code of Ethics, Conduct and Professional Practice Guidelines (2011), and Ethical Trading: Guidelines for Practice for Educational Psychologists (2013).

This means:

  • we only offer services that meet our professional standards
  • we work within our level of competence
  • we work with integrity ensuring that we are open and honest about where we can, and at times cannot, help
  • we seek informed consent from all users of our service
  • we ensure we provide clear information about our role as educational psychologists
  • we follow procedures that protect privacy and adhere to confidentiality rights
  • we promote open communication between all parties to assist positive change
  • our safeguarding responsibility to all vulnerable children and young people will always supersede our trading activities

To purchase packages of support for your setting please complete and sign our:

You can return your competed form to

If you already have a SLA, you can request support from SEPs. 

SEPS Request form