If you need help with your rent or are in financial crisis

If you receive Housing benefit or Universal Credit Housing Costs and need help with your rent you may be eligible for a Discretionary Housing payment.

Discretionary Housing Payments (DHP)

DHP is only paid in exceptional circumstances to Solihull residents who are in receipt of Housing Benefit or Universal Credit (Housing Costs Element).

It is designed to help if your Housing Benefit / Universal Credit (Housing Costs element) does not cover your rent, or if you need help with a one-off cost such as:

  • Outstanding rent to prevent homelessness
  • Moving costs - in exceptional circumstances
  • Finding a deposit - if you are already claiming housing benefit or Universal Credit costs in Solihull, and have been referred from Solihull Home Options

Before completing an application please refer to the DHP information sheet for our eligibility criteria.

Apply for Discretionary help

You can also download an application form.

Discretionary Crisis Fund (DCF)

DCF is a final safety net if you are experiencing a crisis and cannot resolve your financial difficulties any other way.

DCF provides essential household items for people in urgent need. It does not provide cash or loans.

For further information read our DCF policy.

If you are requesting emergency help with your pre-paid meter or need a food parcel please call us on 0121 704 8284 so we can assess what help you could get.

Apply for Discretionary help

You can also download an application form.