Homes in Multiple Occupation

Homes in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) are buildings that contain five or more people, two or more of which are of different households, regardless of the storey level.

Landlords and letting agents must have a licence. Any landlords or letting agents of HMOs that do not have the correct licence could face either prosecution or a civil penalty.

Apply for a HMO licence

Disclosure and Barring Service check

Managers and licence holders of HMOs will have to have completed a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check in order to qualify to manage a HMO.

Register your application

Before applying for a HMO you will need to be allocated a case reference number.

Please note, this is not the application form that can be found further down the page.

Register your application

Pay the non-refundable fee

Once your case reference number has been provided you will be required to pay the £975 non-refundable fee.

There are discounts for MLAS, NLA and RLA members:

  • MLAS: £195
  • NLA/RLA: £97.50

You will need to provide proof of your organisational membership when you apply.

Further fees may be included depending on different aspects of your HMO:

  • an additional let or person over 7: £39.00
  • application for a subsequent licence resulting from the change of the licence holder: £195
  • inadequate application resulting in the Council reviewing information: £131

When paying please provide your case reference number as your reference, this will consist of 2 digits/5 digits/6 letters, e.g. 12/12345/ABCDEF

Pay online

You can also call 0121 704 8000.


Before applying, we advise you to read the guidance notes.

Complete a postal application form

Complete an electronic form

Public List of HMO’s within Solihull

You can find the publicly available list of HMO’s here.

Standards required at Solihull

Below, you can find guidance in which Solihull Council uses for HMO’s

Please note that these are guidance documents and may vary depending on your HMO. You should also follow the appropriate legislation.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you need any help with your application form please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions.

Report concerns

If you are concerned about the state or safety of an HMO, approach the landlord or property manager first. If this is not possible or problems have not been dealt with, we have legal powers to ensure that certain improvements are made.

You can report your concerns online or please call 0121 704 8000.