eBooks and eAudio books


PressReader titles are now available through the Libby app on your tablet or laptop. Once you are logged into Libby, PressReader will show as Extras on the main Libby page. You do not need to log in again.

Our eBook and eAudiobook service is provided by Overdrive and BorrowBox.

For both you login in with your library card number and PIN. Contact 247library@solihull.gov.uk if you need to check or reset your library card number and PIN. Membership numbers issued with SLP, WP or H prefixes will work.

Overdrive ebooks and eaudiobooks use the Libby app – see the instructions for borrowing and reading/listening to ebooks and eaudiobooks.

We are pleased to now offer a wide selection of eAudiobooks, which work in the same way as the eBooks - you can borrow up to six of these.

eBooks and eAudiobooks are still available for up to 21 days, and will automatically expire at the end of the loan period unless you return them first. If the item is out on loan you can reserve it and be notified when it becomes available.

Download eBooks and eAudiobooks

Borrowing - new members and new registrations

If you don’t have a library card, here’s how you can join a Solihull library.

eAudiobooks from BorrowBox

Over 1000 eaudiobooks are now available to listen to, from Borrowbox

You can use these on the Borrowbox app, available for IPads, IPhones, Android phones and tablets and Kindle Fires - see the instructions.

You can also use them on a computer or laptop.  If you are using another library service you can also use the same Borrowbox app for more than one library service.