Applying for planning permission

Home improvements, depending on the scale of the work, will require Planning Permission. Ensuring that homes are built and developed to national and local standards, it promotes responsible development and care of the environment.

Pre-application advice

Due to an unprecedented increase in the submission of formal planning applications, we are not able at this time to provide you with advice on proposed extensions or alterations to your property. We hope to bring back this valuable service as quickly as possible as resources come available.

In the short term, our adopted House Extension Guidelines set out the design considerations and matters that are taken into consideration for such planning applications. You can also refer to the Planning Portals interactive house guidelines.

Apply for planning permission

You can apply online at the Planning Portal.

Printable application forms

You can download printable application forms at the Planning Portal.

How much does Planning Permission cost?

The current fee for a standard planning application for householders is £206. For more information, the Planning Portal also shows you:

What you need to send with your application

It's important that all planning application forms are sent with the correct documents and fee. A high number of applications are refused due to insufficient information or plans being received.

There are minimum national requirements for standard applications.

Each application form, and the accompanying guidelines, provide information about what you need to include. For standard applications, you will need to send the:

  • application form
  • location plan
  • site plan
  • ownership certificate
  • correct application fee

Please note that all plans should be submitted to scale and include a scale bar clearly on the drawings.

The Planning Portal has further information on what needs to be sent with a planning application. In most cases the national requirements will be sufficient, but please check our Local Validation checklists before submitting an application.

How personal data is used on a planning application

As a statutory obligation, we hold a register of all valid Building Regulations applications. All documents and other information submitted are publically available.

This information is used strictly in accordance with The Data Protection Act and in line with the Information Commissioner’s Office Guidance on Planning and Building Regulation Information.

This means that only personal information in the public interest will be used online. As a result, we will remove:

  • personal email addresses
  • signatures
  • telephone numbers