Listed buildings in Solihull

Helping to protect the heritage of Solihull and the UK, many of our buildings are protected as Listed Buildings.

What are Listed Buildings?

The designation of Listed Buildings on a national scale is managed by English Heritage, who set the criteria according to:

  • architecturally or historically significant buildings, objects or structures
  • all buildings built before 1700

English Heritage maintains a full directory of Listed Buildings in Solihull, whilst we also maintain a Local List of Heritage Assets of local historic or architectural interest.

You can apply to list a building with English Heritage and we’d be interested to know if you do.

For all applications registered after 2 November 2015, the Council is using revised Local Validation Criteria for planning applications.

If you have any queries, please email or telephone 0121 704 8008.

Listed Building consent

There's no charge to householders needing to apply for Listed Building consent. However, it's important to check the Listed Building consent guidelines from the Planning Portal.

To find out if your home is listed with English Heritage, you can check your postcode on our online maps. Simply select ‘Historic Environment’ from the list of options on the left hand side of the screen when you've found your home.

To find out if your home is listed locally, email us or call 0121 704 8008.

Regulations for Listed Buildings

The regulations for completing works to Listed Buildings are greater than for usual Planning Permission applications. They ensure that all works are sympathetic to the building and land that surrounds them. They mean that:

  • demolition of any part of a Listed Building or its outbuildings will require consent
  • internal alterations to walls will need consent
  • installation of new roofing will require consent
  • modification and installation of new windows will require consent
  • external painting and cladding will require consent
  • extensions and new structures on a Listed Building will require consent
  • repairs using unsympathetic materials will require consent
  • installation of new flues will require consent

Minor works such as redecorating and the installation of new kitchens and bathrooms may not require consent. However, it is always best to check with us first.

Local Validation for Listed Buildings

In addition to the application for Listed Building consent, we may require supporting information. Please refer to our Local Validation Checklist for details.