September start in primary, junior, secondary or Year 10 in a UTC



Reception - full time education in an infant or primary school

Children born between 1 September 2016 - 31 August 2017 start full time school in September 2021.

  • Apply online if you live in Solihull
  • Closing date for applications: 15 January 2021
  • Offers will be made: 16 April 2021
  • Number of schools you can apply for: 5

Children attending the nursery do not usually get a higher priority for a place

We strongly recommend that you include your catchment-area school even if it is your lowest preference. If you are not offered a place at one of your preferred schools you will be offered a place at the nearest school with a vacancy after all the offers are made. For more information go to making a realistic application.

Some schools organise a slow, phased start during the first two weeks of September to help the children settle. Contact the school to find out when your child is likely to start reception as it may be later than the start of the school term.

Read our booklet for more information.

Deferred entry / taught out of year / summer born

Infant to junior transfer


14-19 education

Making a realistic application

No one has the right to choose the school their child will go to - parents have the right to express preferences. Most schools receive more applications than places available. All of the applications are put in priority order, according to the oversubscription criteria and places are offered in this order.

You should look at the oversubscription criteria for your preferred schools and work out which priority would be given to your application. These definitions may help you to understand the oversubscription criteria. You can check your distance using online maps.

Compare your priority and distance with how places have been offered in previous years - this will give you an indication of how successful your application might be.

If you live in Solihull we strongly recommend that you include your catchment-area school, even if it is your lowest preference - if you don’t the school is likely to be full with applicants who have applied. If you do not qualify for a place at any of your preferred schools you will be offered a place at the nearest school with a vacancy after all the offers are made.

Rank the schools in preference order, putting your favourite school first.

Making a realistic application example

This is an example and does not imply the outcome of an application.

Imagine you are applying for School A - find out your priority by checking your circumstances against the oversubscription criteria like this:

1(a) Looked after children or adopted children who were looked after Is your child in foster care or adopted after being in foster care? No
1(b) Children with exceptional social or medical reasons Does your child have exceptional social or medical reasons? No
2 Children living in the catchment area for School A You can check this using online maps No
3 Children with an older brother or sister at the school Will an older brother or sister be attending School A next September? No
4 Children of staff (this does not apply to all schools) Are you a member of school staff at School A? No
5 Living outside the catchment area How far do you live from School A? 1.6 miles


Your application has priority 5 and you live 1.6 miles from the school. The last person offered a place at School A for last September was priority 5 - 1.194 miles. This means that your child would not have been offered a place because you live too far away. However, this is only a guide and does not mean your application would be unsuccessful every year. The number of places available in priority 5 will vary depending on how many applications are made and how many children live in the catchment area.

The distance of the last person offered a place will also vary, for example, it will not always be 1.194 miles for School A. You can still apply for this school and if it is the school you want the most you should put it first on your application, but you should include other schools on your application where you may have a better chance of being offered a place.

Find out your priority and distance for all of your preferences. If you have a higher priority or the same priority and live closer to the school you have a good chance of being offered a place. If you have the same priority and live further away your chance of being offered a place is not good. 

If the school you want to apply for is a Catholic school it is likely that they will give priority to children who are baptised Catholic and/or those who live in the parish. Solihull Catholic schools require you to fill in a supplementary information form as well as include the school name on your application.

Exceptional social or medical reasons

Priority is given, at some Solihull schools, to children with exceptional social or medical reasons. Check the oversubscription criteria for the school you want to apply for to see if this priority applies.

If you think there may be exceptional social or medical reasons you can find out more and what to do next on the definitions page or phone school admissions for advice.

Children with special needs

If your child has an education, health and care (EHC) plan the process is different. Find out more from the statutory assessment and review team.

Moving house during the process

If you move house, into Solihull, before the closing date for applications you can apply online. We will write to you and ask you for proof of your address. If you are planning to move to Solihull you should apply on time to your home council. Apply for school(s) in the area you are moving to as well as your local school. When you have moved into your new home and sent us documents to prove your house move we will update your application.

We will use your new address if we can, but once the allocation has started (in January for secondary and February for primary) it becomes more difficult as offer day approaches. If it is too close to the offer date we will not use your new address until after the offers have been made.

If you move house after your child has been offered a place and there are children on the waiting list with a higher priority, your child's offer of a place will be withdrawn.

If your child moves into the home of a friend or relative, or you change address temporarily to improve your priority for a school place, we will not use that address.

Moving from overseas or outside England

If you are ready to make your application you should email school admissions at with your child's full name, date of birth, the school they are attending now and the schools you would like to apply for. You can apply for up to 6 secondary schools or 5 primary schools.

You'll need to tell us where you are now and, if you know it, the address you are moving to and also the date you plan to Solihull. When you arrive we will ask for proof of your new home address. We recommend that you apply before the closing date. You can phone us for advice.

Making a change to your application

If you want to change your application you must email to us with the details. We will send you an email confirming your changes. Any changes we make for you will not show online. Your online outcome, on offer day, will show your changes.

If you make changes to your application involving schools outside Solihull the details will be sent to the relevant council to be dealt with by their rules.

Applying after the closing date

If you have missed the closing date and the online system has closed you should email school admissions at with your name, your child's full name, date of birth, address, the school they are attending now and the schools you would like to apply for. You can apply for up to 6 secondary schools or 5 primary schools.

Late applications will be processed after the offer day when they will be added to the waiting list.

Offer day information

If you apply online you will get an email telling you the outcome of your application or you can login to your account. We will not publish the time that the emails will be sent to avoid the system being overloaded.

You can find out how the places have been offered at Solihull schools in the most recent allocations:

Accepting the place offered

You must accept the place by doing one of the following:

Once you have received an email acknowledgement you will not receive anything else from us. We will send your child’s details to the school and they will contact you in the summer term with details of events leading up to your child starting in September.

Declining the place offered

You should only decline the offer if you have another school place for your child. You must email or write to school admissions telling us your child’s name, date of birth and the school they will be going to. Let us know as quickly as possible as we have children on waiting lists. We cannot accept this information over the phone.

Waiting lists

Your child will automatically be on the waiting list of a Solihull school or academy if they have been refused a place. Waiting lists will be created during the two weeks after the offer date, after which you can contact us to find out where your child is on the list.

Waiting lists are made in priority order against the admission criteria for the school or academy. Your child can move up or down the waiting list. For example, if another child joins the waiting list and has a higher priority for a place, because they live in the catchment area or live closer to the school than you, they will go above your child on the waiting list. If a vacancy arises in a school, the place will be offered to the child at the top of the waiting list.

Children on the waiting list for Tudor Grange Academy Kingshurst Academy are not in any order because places are offered by random allocation. For schools outside Solihull you should contact the relevant council for waiting list information.

Your child will stay on the waiting list until July, when we will contact you. We will ask you to confirm that you still want your child to stay on the list and tell you that you must contact us again the week before every school holiday; i.e. October half term, Christmas, February half term, Easter, May half term and July. If you don’t contact us your child will be taken off the list. In September your child’s name will be transferred to the in-year waiting list and given the appropriate oversubscription criteria.

Your right of appeal

You can appeal if you are unhappy with your secondary, junior or reception offer. You can find out more about appealing, or who to contact for a form. There is no right of appeal for nursery applicants because this is not statutory education.

False information

You are responsible for giving us correct information. Providing false information may lead to your child's offer of a place being withdrawn.

For our admission procedures to be fair and treat everyone equally, it is important that all of the information you provide is accurate and honest. When we receive your application we carry out a number of checks. At any time during the application process we may ask for proof of your address. When you apply online you must tick a box which will allow us to verify your circumstances with other sources, such as Council Tax or your child's current school.

If we find that any information in your application is false, we can withdraw the place you have been offered. We will alter your child's application to show the correct address and place it on the waiting list at the relevant position. If your child gets a school place based on an address that is later found to be false, any brothers or sisters wanting a place at the school in the future will not be given priority.

You can give us information about possible fraudulent applications. We will investigate and keep the information confidential. You can remain anonymous.

School transport

If your child is offered a place at a school which is not your catchment-area school she/he is unlikely to qualify for travel assistant. If will be your responsibility to get your child to and from school.

You can find out if your child would be entitled to help with transport to and from school if he or she is offered a place.


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