Love Solihull Litter Picking Initiative

Love Solihull supports residents across Solihull who take great pride in where they live and wish to play an active role in helping to keep their local areas clear of litter.

If you would like to register with the Love Solihull Community Litter Picking Initiative and receive a set of litter picking equipment please read the below guidelines and complete our registration form. 

If you are a business or organisation looking to take part in a litter pick please contact us at

Register to litter pick

You will be able to collect your equipment from your local library once you have received a confirmation email from Love Solihull. When you have used up your initial supply of bags, additional bag rolls can be collected from your local library on an ongoing basis.

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Several areas of Solihull have dedicated Community Groups who carry out organised litter picks supported by Love Solihull.

Find a local litter picking group


All individuals carrying out litter picking on council owned land should follow these guidelines.  Activities that do not follow these guidelines are carried out at your own risk.

Please review our latest Community Litter Picking Guidelines and Risk Assessment before going out litter picking.

In summary:

  • Please use a litter picker and avoid using your hands to pick up litter, we also recommend wearing gloves, which are provided upon registration.
  • Take additional care when litter picking near roads and highways, and refrain from litter picking in the highway. We strongly recommend wearing a high-vis vest, which can be requested upon registration.
  • Children under 16 years of age should be supervised at all times by their responsible adult.
  • For your own safety, do not enter any body of water or water channel during your litter pick.
  • Please use only the green ‘Love Solihull’ bags available upon registration - this differentiates litter waste from fly-tipping or side waste.
  • Once you have completed your litter pick, wash your hands as soon as possible.
  • Please report any equipment defects or any issues encountered whilst litter picking to Love Solihull or your group leader (if you are part of a litter picking group).
  • Up to three Love Solihull bags can be left next to any Solihull Council litter bin and these will be automatically collected by our contractor. You can request we collect more than 3 bags.

Please note only Love Solihull or Keep Britain Tidy Spring Clean branded bags are to be left next to bins. Any other bags may not be collected.

  • Where possible please refrain from leaving any bags in locations other than next to a bin. If you are unable to leave bags next to a bin please contact Love Solihull in advance so that a collection point can be agreed prior to your litter pick.
  • Please be aware it is unlikely that our crews will be able to collect any bags over the weekend.
  • For larger, organised, community litter picks the group leader should contact the Love Solihull team in advance of your litter pick to agree collection points. A special collection will then be arranged at the earliest opportunity after your litter pick. The collection point will need to be near to a road, driveway or car park.
  • Please do not leave bags next to any buildings in case the bags are ignited prior to collection
  • Fly-tipping - Suspected cases of fly tipping should not be moved.  You can use our report fly tipping form or call 0121 704 8000. Where possible the fly-tip will be investigated prior to removal.
  • Needles - Please report immediately to 0121 704 8000 for safe collection and disposal.
  • Knives / Weapons - Instruction provided by West Midlands Police:
    • Weapons to be photographed in situ and shared with the Police.
    • Location to be recorded and noted so it can be shared with the Police.
    • Weapons/knives to be brought to the front office at Solihull Police Station. (Confirm with the Police desk where the photos and noted location information needs to be sent).
    • Fire arms should not be touched and left in situ. Please call the Police for further advice.

If you require further clarification or have any questions or feedback relating to these Guidelines then please email  

If you are involved in an incident or accident while litter picking that has resulted in ill health or injury, or if you are involved in an event where no harm has been caused, but had the potential to cause injury or ill health then please report this to the Love Solihull team immediately.