Roadworks and Traffic Regulation Orders

You can get up to the minute details of roadworks in Solihull.

View our roadworks map

Using the interactive map you can see current road and street works across the borough. You can also find out what work is being carried out, what the expected working dates are and see the likelihood of delays, which are rated as red, amber or green.

The information is automatically updated every 30 minutes.

Traffic Regulation Orders

Traffic Regulation Orders, (TROs) can be permanent, temporary or experimental.

View our Traffic Regulation Orders

They cover temporary road closures, speed limits, double and single yellow line parking restrictions, on and off road pay and display parking, weight restrictions, one way streets and other traffic related restrictions.

In most cases, TROs are made as a direct result of requests from local communities or the police who need to address specific road safety issues. Some TROs are made to complement new highway schemes or to ensure that construction and maintenance work can be carried out safely.

How to make a request for a Traffic Regulation Order

You can make a request by email to

Each year, we receive a considerable number of requests for new parking restrictions. Following each request we record and then score the location using an established assessment scoring framework.

This scoring framework is used to create a prioritised list of locations which is then put forward for consideration, and if approved, implemented in the following financial year.

You can view the list of locations approved for implementation in 2023/24.

In instances where it is decided that no further action needs to be taken, or that a location is unlikely to score highly enough to be progressed, these locations will be removed from our list and are unlikely to be reconsidered for 3 years unless there has been a significant change.

Please note, that it is the responsibility of your local Neighbourhood Policing Team to deal with dangerous or obstructive parking and in the first instance we would request that you raise such concerns directly to the Police for consideration.