Book a bulky collection

If you have a large household item, such as a piece of furniture or a fridge that you need to dispose of, you can pay for a bulky waste collection.

When buying new items, it is always worth asking the retailer/supplier if they can remove your old item, as some retailers may offer this service for free.

Before you book your collection

Before you book your collection please read our:

Book a collection


If your item is made of separate parts (such as a bed base, headboard and mattress or a separate fridge and freezer) each part counts as one item.

  • Collection of one item - £20.00
  • Between two and five items - £30.00
  • Between six and ten items - £40.00

If you need help paying

A 25% discount may be available if you receive means tested benefits. Call us on 0121 704 8000 to check if you can apply.

How do I cancel or change my booking?

Before you cancel or change your booking please read our terms and conditions.

Recycle or Reuse your items

If you have old furniture that’s in a good condition you could give it to charity.

You are responsible for making sure you dispose of your unwanted items in a lawful way.