School transport for children with SEND

We can provide eligible children or young people with help to get to school. Our Independent Travel Trainers can help teach a young person with special needs how to travel to and from school or college on their own, usually using public transport.

Children of compulsory school age (Reception to Year 11)

Request for travel assistance

Your child must:

  • live permanently in Solihull;
  • be of compulsory school age (Reception to year 11); and go to their nearest suitable school. 

To be eligible for support they must also either:

  • live more than the ‘statutory walking distance’ from their nearest suitable school; or
  • be unable to journey safely, even when accompanied, to their nearest suitable school because of their special educational need or disability, subject to assessment

The statutory walking distance is:

  • 2 miles for children under 8
  • 3 miles for pupils aged 8 to 16

You can read the Home to School Travel Assistance Policy for Pupils from Reception to Year 11.

Please see our Code of conduct for parents and pupils, where a student is eligible for a seat on a vehicle.

The following documents have been created with Solihull Parent Carer Voice:

Travel assistance for Post-16 students

Learning to travel on public transport is an essential skill that young people should learn that can help with their career opportunities and social life. Support may be available from our Independent Travel Trainers.

Young people with severe mobility or learning difficulties can apply for help by completing our Request for Travel Assistance Post-16 form.

Request for travel assistance for students aged 16 to 18

The student must:

  • live permanently in Solihull
  • attend a full-time, suitable course at a suitable school, college 16 to 19 academy
  • be aged 16 to 18 at the time of application or have started the course before their 19th birthday
  • be unable to travel to their course on their own

Request for travel assistance for students aged 19 to 25

The student must:

  • be aged between 19 and 25
  • have an education, health and care plan maintained by Solihull Council
  • be attending a qualifying college or educational setting in the West Midlands area which can meet their educational needs described in Section F of the EHC plan, and which is funded by the Council
  • start the course after their 19th birthday

You can read the Post-16 Transport Policy Statement.

Please see our Code of conduct for post-16 students eligible for a seat on a vehicle.  


If you are unhappy with our decision about your application you have the right to appeal.

Your appeal will be heard by one of our senior officers. If you are still not happy with our decision your appeal will be heard by a panel of council members.

You can appeal by calling 0121 704 6610 or email