Insurance claims for personal injury

Making a claim

We are aware of an issue when you may receive a message stating "Action denied" when you submit your claim.

Even though you may receive this error your claim will still reach us. You can double check your information has been submitted by contacting us at

We are currently working on a fix for this problem and apologise for any inconvenience

Making a claim on your mobile

We do not recommend making your claim using a mobile as our form may not work with your device.

If you're making a personal injury claim you must tell us why you hold Solihull Council or Solihull Community Housing responsible for the incident. 

If you're a solicitor acting on a client's behalf, please note that Solihull Council is not registered on the personal injury portal. Please ensure that all low value injury claims against the Council or Solihull Community Housing are submitted through the portal by entering our portal ID: D00019

Please ensure the correct defendant details are used as either Solihull Council or Solihull Community Housing Ltd.  You may send a copy of your CNF to

Information you need to provide

You'll be asked to provide the following information as part of your claim:

Personal details

Name, address, date of birth, NI number, email and contact number of the injured person.

Incident details

Describe what happened, giving the time, date and exact location using static landmarks, such as house numbers or road junctions and your direction of travel. You must also confirm or deny any previous knowledge of the defect.

If you believe the cause of your injury is still a risk you must report this separately:

Details of injury

Tell us about the injury you sustained. If you sought medical attention please tell us when and where you received treatment.

How to submit your claim

You can submit your claim online, and attach supporting evidence such as photographs and other documentation we need. Please ensure that the total size of any uploads does not exceed 10MB.

You can post your evidence if preferred - there are instructions how to do this at the appropriate point in the claim form.

Submit your claim online

Your information

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