Accessible toilets (RADAR national key scheme)

The RADAR National Key Scheme provides independence to people with additional needs.

When you are out and about, the RADAR and Changing Places toilets can offer immediate access to locked public toilets and are accessible in Solihull and throughout the UK.

Changing Places toilets in Solihull

Changing Places toilets are designed to meet the needs of thousands of people who are unable to use standard accessible toilets.

Changing Places toilets have:

  • height-adjustable changing benches
  • lifting hoists
  • extra space which can make all the difference

The Core Solihull has a changing places toilet located on the ground floor of the building.

Getting a RADAR key

RADAR keys are issued from Solihull Connect walk in centres at:

Keys can only be issued over the counter for a £3 charge. You will need to provide a letter of confirmation from a GP or proof of your additional needs, such as:

  • a blue badge
  • disabled bus pass
  • disability related benefit

Alternatively, you can buy a RADAR key from the: