Supported employment case studies

Hear about the experiences of people we've helped find employment.

I really enjoyed working with Experts by Experience because they are very friendly, and they gave me great advice on how to get into employment. They gave me the confidence to apply for jobs and they made me feel I had the ability to successfully interview for my dream jobs.

I wanted a job that I can enjoy, somewhere I could find friends and colleagues to socialise with. My meetings with Experts by Experience were always productive, we worked on managing my autism in the workplace, the adjustments that I would need to be a success whilst at work and figuring out any fears I may have potentially had about work.

With the support of Experts by Experience I am now working 38 hours a week in a big retail store. I work in the warehouse section of the retail store, where I help unload and stock goods the store sells. Additionally, I help run the Click and Collect section of the store.

Naomi started working with Ideal for All and the Adult Disability Team to find work. She had no previous work experience and her confidence to find work was low.

She has worked incredibly hard with Ideal for All to secure employment. She worked with them to gain new experiences, gain confidence, and build on her knowledge and skills around going into work, such as interview skills, CV writing and applying for the roles.

Ideal for All helped Naomi prepare for the interview and attended the interview with her. She was successful in gaining employment in a local hotel as a housekeeping assistant. Naomi has also completed her functional skills course and volunteered at the Commonwealth Games 2022 with the help of Ideal for All and the Adult Disability Team.

“I feel like I now have some direction and I am excited about my next steps"

Hello, my name is Jamie. I was born with autism, ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) and learning difficulties. Officially I was diagnosed with these conditions when I was two years old. Throughout my life I have struggled with the following things in life: learning new academic subjects, communicating with others about my diagnosis, maintaining relationships and friendships and finally, staying focussed on tasks whether that is in the classroom, at home or out in public.

Although I have struggled with these aspects in my life due to the neurodiverse and learning difficulties I have, this has not prevented me from achieving things in my life I am proud of such as; gaining key GCSE qualifications, going to Stratford College achieving a triple distinction star in my BTEC level 3 course, transitioning to the University of Worcester and gaining a 1st class honours degree in Disability Sports Coaching Science, gaining a merit in my Disability sports coaching and management masters. Finally, I have passed my driving test, so I now have my own car.

I am now an Employment Coach for Experts by Experience, a community interest company I co-run supporting people with learning disabilities and autism into education or paid work.

Before working with Ideal for All, Peter had never been successful in finding a paid job. Building on his job aspirations, Ideal for All suggested courses to build up Peter’s confidence and social skills. Peter went on an 8-week admin course with the Princes Trust and NHS. The course also covered employability and expectations in the workplace. Peter, who has Autism, attended the course, was never late or missed a day and passed with flying colours. His administration skills were highlighted as a major skill.

Peter and Ideal for All agreed that he was now ready to apply for administration jobs. They also agreed reasonable adjustments Peter would need in place. These included breaking tasks down into manageable chunks and clear instructions.

After a practice interview with Ideal for All, Peter felt ready for an interview with a home care agency who were looking for a part-time admin assistant. Peter was successful and was offered a position, one day a week on Fridays.

Peter had a work trial for three weeks to ensure he and the employer were happy it was the right role for both parties. Peter was allocated a work buddy, who proved to be the ideal person to support Peter. His key role was ensuring the 600+ carers who work for the agency had up to date documents, such as visas, driving licenses, etc.

This involved a lot of concentration and effort on Peter’s part. On the last Friday of his work trial, Ideal for All saw the employer for final feedback. They were so impressed with Peter’s work, attitude, and timekeeping, they had decided to pay him for the three days of his work trial and offered him another day to work. This is what Peter had always wanted, two days a week of paid employment.

It took 19 months, weekly meetings, and a lot of patience and understanding to achieve Peter’s wish to get paid employment. He has now been working for three months and is becoming a valuable member of the admin team