Enhanced reablement

Enhanced reablement is a focussed, free of charge and short-term (up to six weeks) service for people aged 18 and over.  

It is for adults who have the potential to learn or relearn skills to make the most of their independence and enhance their quality of life with dignity and self-respect. It builds on people’s strengths and focusses on what you can do and want to do.

What kind of activities are included

These are examples of how enhanced reablement can support you:

  • get moving again - we can support you to rebuild your strength, stamina and balance to help you get up and about in your home or local community
  • travel training so you can use public transport and taxis 
  • getting out into the community - so you can attend appointments, religious activities, social hubs, hobbies, cafés, cinema, go to the park or visit family and friends
  • shopping in person or online
  • employment-ready skills - this could include support to organise yourself and your routine so you are able to get ready and travel to work and undertake specific tasks such as handling money and food hygiene
  • preparing and cooking meals - rebuilding skills (beyond using a microwave)
  • digital support - helping you use your mobile phone, tablet/laptop, ‘Alexa’ or similar devices, video calling family/friends, online purchases and ordering prescriptions etc
  • organisation skills for better living arrangements - this could include, organising yourself, practical tasks such as how to clean and establish a healthy cleaning routine
  • personal care - this will be considered as part of a wider programme that includes the enhanced offer activities from the above list

How we provide support

We offer face to face support sessions of up to three hours. At the start we will agree the number of sessions with you and how often they take place. This will be based on your agreed goals / outcomes. We will aim to reduce the frequency of visits as we progress through the programme.

These case studies explain how enhanced reablement has supported people with their goals.

How to access this support

You need to be referred for enhanced reablement by your social worker and be:

  • resident in Solihull and over 18 years of age - if you are living with family in Solihull on a temporary basis this will not automatically exclude you from accessing reablement
  • willing to actively participate
  • physically and mentally well enough
  • able to achieve an agreed goal within the timescale

If you don’t have a social worker:

  • call our Solihull Connect Adult Social Care team on 0121 704 8007 for an initial discussion about your situation
  • email us at ccadults@solihull.gov.uk

What happens next

Once your social worker has referred you for enhanced reablement, the team will be in touch to discuss your need