Equipment to help you

Your Shared Care record

We are about to start using a confidential Shared Care record that allows local health and social care professionals to see residents’ information, where it’s needed for their care. This will affect adults who receive care and support services and who consent to their data being shared.  

Quite often, all it takes for someone to live perfectly comfortably and safely in their home is a few items of simple equipment or technology, known as useful gadgets.

There is an extensive range of equipment available to buy that can help you around your home such as:

  • a commode
  • a perching stool
  • a kitchen trolley

These simple but effective pieces of equipment can help you live comfortably, independently and safely in your home.

A commode can provide you with easier and safer access to toilet facilities.

A perching stool can make a daily activity such as standing to wash at your bathroom sink much more manageable, it is designed for you to sit safely in a semi-standing position.

A kitchen trolley can provide a sturdy and safe way to move food and drinks around.

You can arrange a tour of The Better Living Centre for expert and impartial advice on equipment that can help you.

Alternatively, contact us and ask for an Occupational Therapy (OT) assessment. The OT will assess your needs and see if Solihull Council can help with either simple or more specialist equipment provision and adaptations to your home.

Useful gadgets, assistive technology and telecare

Useful gadgets can work together with home adaptations and more direct help such as reablement and rehabilitation. They are available to everyone and could be particularly useful if you are leaving hospital or recovering from an accident.

You can arrange a tour of The Better Living Centre for expert and impartial advice on equipment that can help you.

There is an extensive range of useful gadgets available to help you around your home.

Known as assistive technology or telecare, it covers a host of special equipment such as:

  • simple devices which stop baths overfilling
  • automatic medication dispensers
  • GPS trackers to help people living with dementia
  • alarms and detectors for those at risk of trip and falls

You can find out more about useful gadgets by:

Who useful gadgets help

These useful gadgets have been designed to ensure that daily tasks can be completed comfortably and safely.

This means that you can be more independent in your own home and rely on help from others far less. They can also help you increase your quality of life and also bring benefits for your carers, friends and family.

You can also take a look at some recent case studies for telecare and useful gadgets:

Telecare services

Solihull Community Housing (SCH) provides assistive technology and telecare services on behalf of Solihull Council.

The service provides, installs and maintains the equipment.

Some telecare equipment works via a telephone line so that an appropriate response can be provided. Carers can be contacted, while many people arrange for family members or friends to be called if their equipment, such as a pendant alarm, raises an alert.

Solihull Community Housing provides a 24 hour backup response service as part of their service.

To find out more, please contact Solihull Community Housing:

The cost of useful gadgets

You can take advantage of the service in 3 ways, according to your eligibility status and your ability to contribute to the costs of providing the service. You can use the service:

Solihull Safe and Sound

Safe and Sound is a service provided by Solihull Community Housing which provides support to help people live independently and remain in their own homes.

You can use the service if you:

  • are an older person
  • are a vulnerable person
  • live in Solihull
  • have a working telephone line and telephone
  • have an electrical socket close to the telephone point

An alarm unit will be installed, and a fall alarm such as a pendant alarm used, in the event of an emergency.

How to arrange a collection

ELMS users are able to arrange collections for patients via the 'add collection' option from the client orders page.

You can also complete our online request form. 

Request we collect your equipment

The Better Living Centre is currently closed to the public due to the ongoing pandemic. If you have an enquiry please get in touch by calling 0121 329 0909 or sending an email to

Other help around the home

Solihull Community Housing provides a range of services aimed at helping you to remain living independently, such as, a handyperson service.

Other useful technologies can help you around the home too.

People with smartphones and tablets could find that apps can help them for example:


AskSARA, from the Disabled Living Foundation (DLF), is a guided advice tool aimed at helping you find help to live in the best way you can.

It is an award-winning, simple to use solution.

You just choose the topic you are interested in, answer a few simple questions and produce your own report, which:

  • has useful advice written by occupational therapists
  • provides details of products that might help you
  • allows you to answer more topics, print the report at home or email it to friends, relatives or carer