Citizenship ceremonies

Every applicant for British citizenship is required to attend a citizenship ceremony to swear an oath or affirmation of allegiance to the Crown and make a pledge to uphold the values and laws of the UK.

If the Home Office approves your application for British citizenship, they will send you an invitation letter which will tell you who to contact to book your citizenship ceremony. This must be completed within 3 months of the date stated in your letter.

The ceremony

Solihull ceremonies are performed in the:

Register Office

Homer Road


B91 3QZ 

Unless stated otherwise.

An access guide for the Register Office is available at AccessAble.

This group event starts with booking in at 2.30pm.

The ceremony starts at 3.00pm and finishes around 3.30pm on the following dates:


  • Wednesday 17 July
  • Wednesday 14 August 
  • Wednesday 18 September
  • Wednesday 16 October
  • Wednesday 13 November
  • Wednesday 11 December

How to book

Once you have received your home office letter you can book your group ceremony:

Apply online

If you would prefer to book a private ceremony this takes place at Solihull Register Office and is subject to a fee, room and staff availability.  To book a private citizenship ceremony please contact us by email and our Events team will contact you to book the ceremony and take payment.

Change or cancel your booking

If you wish to cancel or amend the date of your booking please view our citizenship fees and email us at

What does the ceremony involve and who can attend?

The ceremony takes the following format:

  • you will be welcomed into the community by the Registration team
  • you will be required to swear the oath or take the affirmation of allegiance, and the pledge of loyalty
  • you will be presented with your Certificate of Naturalisation
  • the National Anthem will be played

You are able to bring 2 guests to your group ceremony.

How do I become a British Citizen?

You should contact the Home Office who will be able to advise you, please telephone 0845 010 5200 or email

Further information can be found on the Home Office website.

If your preparing for your UK Citizenship test our virtual reference library can help. Life in Great Britain is an online learning resources you can use at home with your Solihull library card - it's free to join.